OnBoard Security TrustSentinel TSS 2.0

OnBoard Security TrustSentinel TSS 2.0

The OnBoard Security TrustSentinel TSS 2.0 is a fully-compliant, industrial-strength TCG Software Stack 2.0 solution for platforms and applications using Trusted Platform Modules.

TrustSentinel TSS 2.0 provides a simple, consistent API for application developers, allowing them to use the strong security features of the TPM 2.0 without having to learn the intricacies of the hardware.  TSS 2.0 is comprised of 3 discrete API layers, each offering different levels of abstraction and feature support. TrustSentinel TSS 2.0 offers all 3 APIs.


  • OnBoard Security’s TrustSentinel TSS 2.0 fully supports all TCG Specifications

  • Comprehensive testing ensures correct, secure TSS 2.0 behavior regardless of the vendor

  • Versions for Linux, Windows and other operating systems

  • Tested on Raspberry Pi, PC and Laptops

  • Compatibility with Infineon, ST, and Nuvoton TPMs, as well as any other TCG compliant TPM.

  • World-class support to properly implement the transitive trust chain

  • All code security and safety vulnerabilities addressed

Learn more at the OnBoard Security website

Download the data sheet:  TSS 2.0 Data Sheet 06212017

Gene Carter

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