BSSSD: Trusted Computing Now Available for FreeBSD and OpenBSD

BSSSD: Trusted Computing now available for FreeBSD and OpenBSD

All pieces to utilize Trusted Computing and build Trusted Computing applications on FreeBSD and OpenBSD have been made available by the BSSSD-project.

The available software components are

  • TPM device driver for the FreeBSD-kernel
  • TPM device driver for the OpenBSD-kernel
  • TCG Software Stack TrouSerS
  • TrustedGRUB boot-loader
  • TPM-Tools
  • OpenSSL-TPMengine
  • OpenCryptoKi
  • TPM-Emulator
  • TPM-Testsuite

For more details see

All software is licensed under OSI-approved Free Software licenses, see

Trusted Computing Group

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